Starting the week of Sunday, September 3, ongoing construction will begin on Highway 99 between 68th Street and 78th Street. Construction is expected to last through November. Affected stops will be posted closed as construction moves along the corridor. Expect delays on Route 71 during this time. The following stops will be closed when construction crews are present:

  • Highway 99 and Fred Meyer southbound (Stop ID 1352)
  • Highway 99 and 72nd Street southbound (Stop ID 1353)
  • Highway 99 and 68th Street southbound (Stop ID 2224)
  • Highway 99 and 7700 Block northbound (Stop ID 1340)
  • Highway 99 and 7000 Block northbound (Stop ID 1332)

For questions or trip planning assistance, please call C-TRAN at 360-695-0123.