To make Ride Reservations, Call (360)695-8918, any day of the week between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Reservations can be made 24 to 48 hours in advance. We do not accept same-day ride reservations. Ride times are subject to change. All phone calls are recorded for training purposes and quality assurance.

Please provide the following information and make sure you have the addresses of all your destinations:

  • Client’s name and birth date.
  • Indicate if a Personal Care Attendant (PCA), companion, or service animal is riding with you. The Operator cannot transport individuals who are not scheduled for a trip. Only one (1) PCA and one (1) companion may travel with you and must be scheduled at the time of the client’s booking.
  • Complete street address of all destinations, including the name of the destination (residence, business name, clinic name, etc.).
  • Travel dates and pick-up time (indicate an appointment time for medical, dental, or when it is necessary to arrive no later than a specific time).
  • Mobility equipment type for all riders.
  • Return trip or new destination, including the address, name, and the pick-up time for return trip.
  • When you are finished scheduling your trip, ask the representative to repeat all of the information back to you. 

Passengers should be ready at the beginning of their quoted 30 minute pick-up window. For example, if your pick-up time starts at 10:00 a.m., the bus can arrive as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 10:30 a.m.

Operators can wait only five (5) minutes for you after they arrive to pick you up. After the five (5) minutes, the Operator may be directed to move on to pick up other passengers. The bus will not return to pick you up. To avoid delays, missed appointments, and no-show penalties, please be ready to go at the start of your pick-up window time.

You will be picked-up and dropped-off at the same location, unless an alternate address was requested when the ride was booked. Same-day ride changes will not be accepted.

NOTE: You may not inquire about, cancel, or change another person’s reservation without permission. In addition, a person not authorized by you, cannot make ride reservations, cancellations, or inquire about you on your behalf. C-VAN will not disclose personal information.

C-VAN provides origin to destination service. Customers may request door-to-door service; however, door-to-door assistance is limited. The Operator cannot lose sight of the vehicle and the pick-up/drop-off location must be within 50 feet of the vehicle.  C VAN Operators are not allowed to enter a residence or go beyond the entryway of a public building. C-VAN is a shared ride service. The vehicle may stop to pick up or drop off other passengers as it heads to your destination. Please be patient, C-VAN is not a taxi service. 

A PCA may ride free with a fare paying customer. A PCA is expected to follow all C-VAN rules of riding and assist the passenger with daily life functions, and may provide assistance during the ride or at the destination. A PCA must be added at the time of the initial ride booking or they cannot ride.

Door-to-Door service provides Operator assistance from the door of a residence or facility. The Operator cannot enter a private residence or facility, and cannot lose sight of the bus or leave other passengers unattended. If a PCA is assisting a Door-to-Door passenger, it is expected the PCA will assist the customer beyond the doorway.

Hand-to-Hand assistance is for customers who cannot be left unattended. It is similar to Door-to-Door service; however, it requires that a person is available to accept the Hand-to-Hand customer at all drop locations. In the event there is no recipient for a Hand-to-Hand customer, C-VAN may elect to call the authorities to provide assistance. An additional certification of need for Hand-to-Hand assistance is required for this service. 

Faxed ride requests can be faxed to C-VAN, Sunday – Saturday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. at (360) 906-7495. Faxed requests need two (2) days’ advance notice to process. Ride confirmations will be faxed back to the customer. 

Subscription Ride requests are available to customers who have shown a history of rides from the same location to the same destination and at the same pick-up and drop-off times. A history of rides includes at least five (5) round trips or ten (10) one-way trips before a subscription ride request can be processed. Please ask a Customer Service Representative for details.

Changes to ride times must be done at least one (1) day in advance of the ride. Time changes must be at least one (1) hour different from the original request. Same-day ride changes will not be accepted.

Passengers are required to book rides with a minimum stay at their destination of no less than 45 minutes. 

No-Show Occurrence

  • A no-show occurs when you cancel a scheduled ride at the door, or when you cancel your ride less than one (1) hour before your pick-up time, or when you are not ready to ride within five (5) minutes of the arrival of your bus.
  • Accumulated no-show occurrences may result in suspension of service. Please refer to your C-VAN Rider’s Handbook for detailed information about no-shows.

Mobility Devices and Securement

  • A mobility device must fit onto the lift and in the securement area of the bus and cannot exceed the width of the lift/ramp and must be 48 inches or less in length.
  • For your safety, C-VAN recommends all mobility devices are to be boarded in reverse.
  • The total weight of the mobility device and the passenger cannot exceed 800 pounds.
  • •he Operator may provide a guiding hand if necessary or push a manual wheelchair on even terrain when the combined weight of the passenger and wheelchair does not exceed 368 pounds.
  • C-VAN Operators are unable to assist with inoperable electrical equipment.
  • C-VAN Operators use a four-point belt securement system and an over-center floor mounted seat/shoulder belt.
  • Operators will not lift, support, or otherwise physically manipulate a passenger’s body or mobility device.

Items You May Take on C-VAN

  • Service animals are allowed on C-VAN. All other animals must be secured in a pet carrier. Please let us know at the time you book your ride if you are bringing an animal on board.
  • Operators can assist passengers with up to four (4) grocery size bags, if they can safely do so in one (1) trip.
  • Oxygen tanks are the sole responsibility of the passenger and must be secured in the same seat with the passenger. The Operator may place a seatbelt around the tank, but cannot operate the tank mechanism. Please make sure you have enough oxygen to last for all of your trips.
  • Other small items (including luggage) can be brought on board and must sit in your lap or under your seat, clear of aisles.
  • C-VAN/C-TRAN is not responsible for items left on the bus. All found items will be taken to the lost and found department. Please call 360-695-0123 to inquire about lost items.

Passenger Responsibilities

  • Follow all C-VAN policies. When in doubt, call the Customer Service Office or refer to your C-VAN Rider’s Handbook.
  • Refrain from behavior or language that threatens C-VAN passengers or Operators.
  • Do not talk to the Operator while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep food and beverages in closed containers.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Observe the “No Smoking” rule by establishing a distance of 25 feet from all C-TRAN vehicles or facilities.
  • Use headphones when listening to hand-held radios or other devices such as cell phones.
  • Update C-VAN with any changes to your mobility aid, address, phone number, or emergency contact information.

Ride Reminder

  • Customers may call to confirm or cancel their rides 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week with C-VAN’s automated system called Ride Reminder, by calling 360-695-8918 and then pressing 1. You must have received your identification number and password before using the Ride Reminder system.
  • Ride Reminder will call every passenger the night before with ride times for the next day, except subscription rides.
  • Ride Reminder may call at least seven (7) minutes prior to the arrival of the bus on the day of the ride. This is a courtesy call only. Passengers are expected to be ready to board the bus at the start of the 30-minute pick-up window regardless of the Ride Reminder call.

Improve your service and ride times by booking your rides between the hours of 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. to beat the crowd. 

Be flexible in your travel plans. C-VAN cannot guarantee your trip as it may be affected by traffic delays, weather conditions, or unprepared riders. Please do not schedule your appointments to closely together and avoid double booking.

Scheduling multiple rides for different times with the intention of using only one (1) of them is called double-booking. Double-booking:

  • Creates scheduling gaps that cause delays.
  • Takes away seats others could have used.
  • Wastes time and reduces efficiency.

For more information on C-VAN service, refer to your C-VAN Rider’s Handbook or call (360) 695-8918 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.