This fall, C-TRAN is making a series of service changes designed to improve the service we provide every day. These changes will coincide with the launch of The Vine on Mill Plain, along with the new Mill Plain Transit Center near Mill Plain Boulevard and 184th Avenue. A series of other Local route changes will realign part of the C-TRAN network in east Clark County, while boosting service and maintaining or improving connections.

Altogether, the changes add up to thousands of hours in additional service each year. They also build on other service improvements we’ve made in the past year elsewhere in the system.

The following route changes will take effect October 1, 2023:

RouteDirectionPDF Maps
The Vine on Mill Plain Service begins for The Vine on Mill Plain, operating between downtown Vancouver and Mill Plain Transit Center. Download
The Vine Mill Plain map
Route 30 In response to public input, Route 30 will continue to serve Fisher’s Landing Transit Center via Southeast 164th Avenue. Download
Route 30 map
Route 34 New route providing all-day service between Mill Plain Transit Center and Fisher’s Landing Transit Center via 192nd Avenue and 34th Street, with buses running every 15 minutes during AM and PM peak periods and every 30 minutes during off-peak periods and weekends. Download
Route 34 map
Route 37 Discontinued, replaced by The Vine on Mill Plain.  
Route 41 Extend route to provide service to Camas and Washougal, Fisher’s Landing Transit Center and downtown Vancouver. Download
Route 41 map
Route 48 Extend route to serve ilani, adjust AM and PM schedule patterns. Download
Route 48 map
Route 72 Extend Route 72 to serve segments of Ward Road and 162nd Avenue, maintaining coverage along corridors currently served by Route 74, increasing access to jobs, services, and destinations for existing riders, and permitting transfers to Route 74 at Northeast 162nd Avenue and Fourth Plain. Download
Route 72 map
Route 74 Extend route to serve Mill Plain Transit Center via Fourth Plain, 162nd Avenue, 1st Street. Download
Route 74 map
Route 92 Realign route to serve Mill Plain Transit Center via 192nd Avenue. Download
Route 92 map