C-TRAN’s tether strap program is designed to be attached to mobility aids and is offered to our riders as a courtesy to allow for quicker securement in C-TRAN vehicles.

Tether Strap Installation: These heavy-duty straps are designed to attach to a mobility aid and can be used in conjunctions with the wheelchair securement points found in C-TRAN vehicles. The straps can be installed on mobility aids with irregular sized securement points or when the securement points are in locations that are difficult to access.

The tether strap program is issued to C-TRAN riders at no charge and installed on an as-needed basis.

Wheelchairs and Scooters: C-TRAN is aware that not all mobility aids are alike. This program is offered to better accommodate each wheelchair or scooter, but not all mobility aids need to use them.

Objectives: This program is designed to identify key securement points on all types of mobility aids. The results are:

  • Increased accessibility of C-TRAN buses to individuals using all types of mobility aids;
  • Support for coach operators in performing safe and proper wheelchair securement.

Making an Appointment: For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact C-TRAN Travel Trainers at 360-906-7433.