The Current

The Current is C-TRAN’s new, on-demand rideshare service that provides point-to-point service for just the cost of a bus ride. Schedule your ride online or through our mobile app, then track your driver’s arrival, just like other rideshare services. You can also schedule by calling 360-695-0123. For more information, click here.


Connecting Longview, Kalama, and Woodland to the 99th Street Transit Center. Call 360-425-3430, or 800-383-2101.

Skamania County Public Transit

Connecting Carson, Stevenson, North Bonneville, Prindle and all points in between to C-TRAN's Fisher's Landing Transit Center. Call (509) 427-3990 for more information.


C-TRAN's Vanpool Program offers commuters another option to reduce emissions by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Call (360) 906-7510 to get started! Save Time. Save Money. Save the Planet.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program

The state's nine most populated counties, and the cities within those counties, are required to adopt CTR ordinances and support local employers in implementing CTR. Employers are required to develop a commuter program designed to achieve reductions in vehicle trips and may offer benefits such as subsidies for transit fares, flexible work schedules, telework opportunities, and more. Employers within Clark County’s Urban Growth Boundary must participate in CTR if they have 100 or more full-time employees at a single worksite who begin their scheduled workday between 6 and 9 a.m. Employers who are not affected by the CTR law are also encouraged to participate as voluntary CTR employers. For more information, explore ride matching services at Rideshare Online or call the CTR Administrator at 360-487-7733.

Bike & Bus with C-TRAN

Combine healthy exercise with convenient, reliable and inexpensive transportation. Bicycling and riding the bus also cuts down on pollution, traffic congestion, and driving costs.

All C-TRAN buses are equipped with bike racks. Start your trip with an invigorating ride to a C-TRAN bus stop or park and ride. Place your bike on the easy-to-use bike rack on any C-TRAN bus. Once you've reached your destination, simply unload your bike and ride away. And, there's no additional charge to use the bike racks; your C-TRAN fare includes your bike. Click here for more information on taking your bike on C-TRAN.

One Call, One Click Trip Resource Center

The One Call, One Click Trip Resourse Center Website is designed to help you easily find transportation resources to get from Point A to Point B.