Bike & Bus and Bike & Lock...It's a travel combination that makes sense! Would you love to ride your bike to work, but think it's too far? Think the bus is a great way to get around, but don't want to walk or drive to the bus stop? Want to ride to your destination, but find that part of your ride is along streets that aren't bike-friendly?

Loading your bike on a C-TRAN bus

Loading your bike on The Vine

Bike & Bus

Whatever your choice, you'll combine healthy exercise with convenient, reliable and inexpensive transportation. Bicycling and riding the bus also cuts down on pollution, traffic congestion, and driving costs.

All C-TRAN buses are equipped with bike racks. Start your trip with an invigorating ride to a C-TRAN bus stop or park and ride. Place your bike on the easy-to-use bike rack on any C-TRAN bus. Once you've reached your destination, simply unload your bike and ride away. There is no additional charge to use the bike racks; your C-TRAN fare includes your bike.

Note: It is your responsibility to load and unload your bike - bus drivers can not assist you. Bicycles are transported at your own risk. C-TRAN is not responsible for loss, damage or theft.

In an effort to encourage ridership and support commute alternatives, C-TRAN has installed bicycle racks on all of its buses. The following rules apply when transporting bicycles on buses:

  • Before stepping in front of the bus, passengers must always inform the operator that they are retrieving their bike from the rack.
  • No bicycle is allowed inside the bus unless the bike rack is filled to capacity, or is inoperative. For safety reasons, the operator cannot leave the bus to help load or secure a bicycle.
  • If a bicycle rack is full, up to two bicycles are allowed on the bus if the operator determines that the current number of passengers onboard the bus allows for the safe boarding, de-boarding and stowing of the bicycle.
  • The customer is solely responsible for securing the bicycle to the bike rack. A customer may use a bungee cord to help secure the bicycle, but may not use a lock of any kind to attach the bicycle to the rack.
  • Bicyclists may request to use the lift to board the bus, but are solely responsible for attending to their bike once on-board for transport.
  • Bicycles cannot block the aisles, stair wells, doors or passengers entering or exiting their seats.
  • Bicyclists may not secure on-board bicycles using wheelchair securing devices. They must sit near and maintain control of the bike for the duration of the trip.
  • Only human powered and sealed, dry cell electric assisted bicycles measuring less than 80” long and 48” high or folded bicycles are allowed on the bus. (Total weight of bike and battery not to exceed 55lbs)
  • Other passengers will be permitted to enter and exit the bus before a bicyclist may load or unload their bicycle.
  • Bicyclists should avoid getting chain and sprocket grease or dirt on the bus or passengers. Muddy bicycles are not allowed onboard the bus at any time.

Bike & Lock

If you would rather leave your bike behind, try a bike locker for safe, weatherproof storage. Lockers may be rented for three (3) or six (6) month periods, at a low monthly rate. In addition to the monthly rental fee, a non-refundable cleaning fee, plus a refundable key deposit is charged to any new user at the beginning of their term. The key deposit is refunded once the Bicycle Locker User Agreement is terminated and the key has been returned to C-TRAN. If the key is not returned, the key deposit is forfeited. If a customer terminates their agreement prior to the end of its term, C-TRAN will refund any remaining full month rental fees, plus the key deposit once the key has been returned.

Call (360) 695-0123 to inquire about bicycle locker availability at the location most convenient for your use. Bicycle lockers are located at:

  • 99th Street Transit Center at Stockford Village
  • Fisher's Landing Transit Center
  • Salmon Creek Park & Ride