• Service animal(s) are always allowed on C-TRAN and C-VAN paratransit. Service animals have been trained to perform a specific task or duty for their owner. Multiple service animals are allowed access to the bus (each animal may perform a separate task). The operator is allowed to ask if it is a service animal and what task they perform. The animal(s) must be under control of the customer.
  • Comfort/Emotional Support animals are allowed on C-TRAN, but must be contained in a pet carrier in order to ride our services. “Comfort/Emotional Support” animals provide comfort to their owner, but have not been trained to perform a specific duty or task.

Please note that our smaller mini-vans are unable to accommodate service animals, simply due to lack of space and its impact to driver and passenger safety. If you need to travel with your service animal(s), it must be done on regular C-VAN or fixed-route vehicles.