C-TRAN’s paratransit service, referred to as C-VAN, is an origin to destination, shared ride service that provides service within specified boundaries in Clark County, WA. C-VAN is a reservation-based service for riders whose disability prevents them from riding our fixed-route bus system. Paratransit service is designed to mirror fixed-route and is equal to, not better than, the fixed-route system. 

Paratransit is public transportation, so riders share their rides with others. C-VAN dispatchers work hard to group rides for efficiency, which is essential for meeting the demands of all riders for hundreds of trips scheduled every day.

Paratransit trips may be for any purpose, other than a medical emergency. Riders may use paratransit to go to work, school, visits to friends and family, shopping, church, appointments, and many other trip purposes. C-TRAN may not give one trip priority over another.

All paratransit riders must qualify and be approved for paratransit service before riding. For information on how to apply, click here.

Paratransit Service Area

Vancouver: The Vancouver service area consists of the urban growth boundary of Vancouver, as defined in 2005.

Battle Ground, Camas, and Washougal: Paratransit service is available within 3/4-mile of C-TRAN’s fixed-route service.

Ridgefield, La Center, and portions of Camas: C-TRAN’s Connector Service provides service in these areas.

Contact C-VAN at 360-695-8918 to determine if your origin or destination(s) is within C-TRAN’s service area.

C VAN Service Area 2017

Download PDF of the Service Area Map

Paratransit Hours of Operation

Paratransit service in Clark County closely mirrors the service hours of C-TRAN’s regular fixed-route service. Within the Vancouver urban growth boundary, paratransit service is available on the same days, during the same times and in the same areas as non-commuter, regular bus service. For specific hours of operation in Vancouver, and outside the urban growth boundary, or within ¾-mile of late-night fixed-route service, contact us at 360-695-8918.