Special Event Bus Request Form

Due to the Clark County Fair and other events, C-TRAN is unable to accommodate any special event requests that occur August 2-11, 2024.

All requests for special event service must be submitted to C-TRAN no less than 45 calendar days from the date of the event. Requests made less than 45 days prior may still be considered; however, depending on the timing of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, the appeals process may not be available if the event is denied.

Policy Criteria—per C-TRAN Board Policy PBD-001, special events service may be provided for events or functions that occur on an irregular basis or that have a limited duration, provided that the service meets all of the following criteria:

  1. The event must be open to the public and the service must not be for the exclusive use of a particular group.
  2. C-TRAN may not charge a fare that is greater than its usual fixed-route fare.
  3. C-TRAN must determine the route and the schedule for the service.
  4. The service must not be paid for in whole or in part by a third party; and
  5. The request for service may not compete against already existing bus service.

If you believe your event meets all the above stated criteria, please continue.

 Event Information—please provide the following:

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Examples of special event service include bus on display during an event, shuttle service to and from an event site, or a parade bus. Please check the type of service you are requesting:

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Note: C-TRAN reserves the right to choose a bus that's best suited for the type of service you are requesting, including the use of its commemorative buses.

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