Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to many of your C-VAN question can be found here.

Lost & Found: C-TRAN is not responsible for articles mistakenly left on or near the bus, transit centers, bus stops, shelters, or at a business. For more information on C-TRAN lost and found, click here.

Title VI Policy: Click here or download a PDF of C-TRAN’s Title VI Program

C-VAN Appeal Process: Click here or download a PDF of the C-VAN Appeal Process

Reasonable Service Modifications/Accommodations: Click here for complete information regarding reasonable service modifications or accommodations.

Title II Grievance: Click here for complete information regarding ADA-related service complaints.

Unlawful Bus Conduct: Rules for riding C-VAN mirror those on C-TRAN fixed-route service and can be found here.

Rider Conduct:Please download a   PDF copy of the Rider’s Handbook for a full complement of rules for rider’s on C-VAN.

No-Show Policy: Click here.

Bodily Fluids or Open Sores and Wounds: Rules regarding open sores can be found here.