C-TRAN-Riders-TalkingWhen you’ve determined which bus to catch and the time it is expected to arrive, follow these simple steps:

  • Wait at a C‑TRAN bus stop or shelter. C‑TRAN’s bus stops are clearly marked with the route number of each bus serving that stop.
  • Be sure you are visible to the driver. Stand close to the sign or shelter and watch for the approaching bus.
  • Have your cash fare, ticket or pass ready, and if applicable, your discounted ID card. Exact fare please—drivers carry no change.
  • Allow other passengers to get off the bus before you board.
  • Place your cash fare or ticket into the fare box or show the driver your pass and ID if required.
  • Transfers are issued upon request to all passengers paying an All-Zone or Express cash fare and may be used for travel on connecting routes (including TriMet MAX and buses, and Portland Streetcar) until expiration (up to one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekends.)
  • About one block before your stop, signal the driver by pressing the yellow or black bell strip on the wall near the bus window.
  • Exit through the rear door unless you need to use the lift or retrieve your bike.
  • When exiting the rear door with children, please have the child exit first followed by the adult.

We will do our best to be on time. Variations in weather and traffic conditions make it difficult to always operate on schedule. Periodic schedule adjustments up to three minutes may be necessary between schedule printings. Route schedules on the C‑TRAN Web site should accurately reflect current schedules.