Beginning Tuesday, July 9, the following Route 190 stops will be closed for approximately six months due to construction on Campus Drive:

  • 700 SW Campus Drive at Doernbecher (Stop ID 6017)
  • Casey Eye Institute (Stop ID 6018)

During the closure, all Route 190 services to OHSU will terminate at SW Sam Jackson Park Road and Campus Drive, then proceed to Vancouver.

For the duration of the closure, passengers should use the following stop to access Doernbecher:

  • 3515 SW US Veterans Road (Stop ID 3187) to enter Doernbecher from the top level on the west side

Passengers should use the following stop to access Casey Eye Institute:

  • SW Terwilliger Boulevard and Campus Drive (TriMet Stop ID 11010)
    • NOTE: This is a TriMet stop, which C-TRAN will temporarily utilize during construction. This will be the first Route 190 stop during construction; plan to deboard earlier than normal for AM trips and arrive earlier than normal for PM trips.

For questions or trip planning assistance, please call C-TRAN at 360-695-0123.