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Bless Your Heart Burgers' The Love Burger (left) and namesake Bless Your Heart burger (right). 

May is here, and that means grilling season is upon us. Fittingly, it’s also National Burger Month. If you don’t feel like firing up the barbeque and doing the work yourself, there are plenty of great spots to grab a burger in Clark County.

May also happens to be Small Business Month in Vancouver, making it the perfect time to stop by and give your patronage to one of these local establishments—all accessible by transit.

Amaro’s Table

Locations: 1220 Main St., Suite 100, Vancouver (Routes 2, 25, 30, 31/32, 37, 60, 71, 105, and The Vine) · 816 NE 98th Cir, Vancouver (Near 99th Street Transit Center – multiple routes)

We know this is a burger tour, and Amaro’s Table’s burgers are great, but let’s talk about the ranch. It’s creamy, dill perfection and should not be missed—be sure to grab a side to dip your fries in. Now that that disclosure is out of the way, we’ll move on to the topic at hand. The caramelized onion and Amaro’s spread that cover their cheeseburger set it apart from the rest. For the vegetarian crowd, they have a house quinoa burger made from a beet and poblano patty, topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, and garlic aioli.

Barrel Mountain Brewing

Location: 607 E Main St., Battle Ground (Route 7)

Barrel Mountain Brewing is the place to go if you’re looking for a burger the size of your head. We kid, but their burgers are seriously massive; you would be wise to bring a buddy and go halfsies. Their patties are made with short rib brisket and Angus beef, and depending on which one you get, topped with anything from peanut sauce to chipotle ranch.

BevRidge Public

Location: 4315a S Settler Drive, Suite 100, Ridgefield (Route 48 and The Current)

BevRidge Public is a fairly new addition to the Ridgefield restaurant scene, but in the short time they’ve been open, they’ve made a name for themselves. BevRidge’s version of a burger is a smash burger on a brioche bun, topped with American cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, fried pickle, bacon jam, and house sauce. The standard version comes with two beef patties, but if you’re not feeling quite so indulgent, you can opt for one instead.

Bless Your Heart Burgers

Location: 7910 E Mill Plain Blvd., Suite 120, Vancouver (Route 37)

Founded in Portland in 2017, Bless Your Heart Burgers crossed the river and expanded into Vancouver in December 2022. Their specialty is smash burgers, which are what they sound like: burgers that have been squished to form a flat patty, creating a crispy exterior. Their namesake burger, the Bless Your Heart, is packed with flavor and described as a Carolina-style burger. Toppings include chili, onions, cole slaw, yellow mustard, house-made zucchini pickles, Texas Pete’s hot sauce, and American cheese.

La Oie Cajun Cuisine

Location: 9811 NE 15th Ave., Vancouver (Routes 25, 71 and 78)

A cajun food cart may not be the first place you think of to grab a burger, but if you don’t try La Oie Cajun Cuisine’s, you’re missing out. If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side, pair it with a side of smothered fries: waffle fries covered in gravy and topped with bacon and green onions. You can taste the love that goes into these burgers. The patties have a slightly smoky flavor, are topped with cheese, and feature shredded lettuce, a unique choice that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Pacific House

Locations: 819 Main St., Vancouver (Routes 2, 25, 30, 31/32, 37, 60, 71, 105, and The Vine) · 315 NE 192nd Ave. Suite 301, Camas (The Current)

Pacific House offers an elevated version of a classic burger on a brioche bun. Depending on which location you visit, you can also grab a bacon bleu, bacon brie, or a green chile burger if you’re feeling adventurous. Both locations are great places to sit down for a bite to eat and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

Top Burger Drive-In

Location: 1436 NE Everett St., Camas (Route 92 and The Current)

Top Burger has been in the game for a long time—over 65 years. While the name has changed since it first opened, they have consistently delivered a great burger, along with the classic drive-in fare you’d expect. The prices are also reminiscent of the past; there aren’t many places you can still get a burger and fries for around $10. While it is a drive-in, they have a dining room for folks to sit down and eat, as well as a walk-up window if you’re grabbing food to go.

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