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With the warm weather lingering, it doesn’t feel like summer has really left us yet, and it certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve almost reached the end of October. Alas, fall is here, and winter will be on its way before we know it. Here are some of our favorite moments captured on the C-TRAN Instagram page from this past summer as we get ready to (finally) cozy up to autumn: 

DSC 9969

The Clark County Fair finally returned after a two-year hiatus! As usual, we provided free shuttles to and from the fairgrounds.


DSC 9646

C-TRAN CEO Shawn Donaghy did the honors of throwing out the first pitch for the Ridgefield Raptors on C-TRAN employee night at the ballpark.


DSC 8512

Construction on The Vine on Mill Plain made its way down the corridor, including shelter installations like this one at Mill Plain and Reserve westbound.


DSC 9739

Speaking of The Vine, our articulated buses got a slick new makeover to prepare for The Vine on Mill Plain and The Vine on Highway 99.


DSC 9442 5

C-TRAN employees attended community events throughout Clark County, handing out swag and answering transit questions.


DSC 9296 2

Our buses and employees also rolled and walked through community parades, passing out candy and smiles to attendees.


DSC 9953 2

Construction in downtown Vancouver started winding down, allowing us to reopen stops along Broadway and Turtle Place.


IMG 0265 2

Slowly but surely, it looks like more cool, crisp, sunny fall mornings are on the horizon. 


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