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General's pizza from Blind Onion in Vancouver.
General's pizza from Blind Onion in Vancouver. 

Feeling a bit peckish and needing a bite to eat after your ride? How about some pizza? From Neapolitan to New York, to Chicago, to Detroit-style, there is something for everyone. While there are plenty of pizza chains in the area, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite local pizzerias in Clark County, all accessible by transit. The next time you crave pizza, check out this list for a great recommendation.

Dough Boys Pizza

Location: 14313 NE 20th Avenue, Vancouver (Route 19)

As a Veteran-owned and family-operated company, Dough Boys Pizza knows what’s important in life. Each pizza is crafted with care, with homemade sauce and, as the name implies, homemade dough. With numerous options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a tasty pie (or two or three) from this local pizza place. 

Champ Pizza

Locations: 8207 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver (Routes 78, 32, 80, 74, 47, 7, 72 & The Vine) · 3252 NE 3rd Avenue, Camas (Route 92) · 1900 NE 162nd Avenue, Vancouver (Route 30)

Champ Pizza has become a staple in the Vancouver/Portland area. Owned by a Vancouver native, this chain has made its presence known with its pizza (made with fresh ingredients) and great rewards system. With several locations throughout Clark County and across the river, it’s a must on our transit tour.

Hungry Sasquatch/Thirsty Sasquatch

Location: 2110 Main Street, Vancouver (Routes 31, 71 & The Vine)

In the mood for a cool atmosphere AND great pizza? Look no further than the Hungry Sasquatch. Located in Uptown Vancouver, the Hungry Sasquatch provides delicious pizza, local beer & spirits, and a whole room to play arcade games. It’s the perfect destination for a fun night out. Be on the lookout – Hungry Sasquatch often does themed events!

Pizzeria La Sorrentina

Location: 3000 SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver (Routes 30 & 37)

Authentic Italian cuisine in Clark County? Say no more! Pizzeria La Sorrentina can take you to Italy for much less than the price of a plane ticket. The head chef and owner, Pizzaiolo Daisuke Matsumoto, trained in Sorrento, Italy, and wanted to bring that experience to his customers. With excellent pizza and other Italian dishes, you can’t go wrong with Pizzeria La Sorrentina.

Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

Locations: 2100 SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver (Routes 30 & 37) · 6115 NE 114th Avenue, Vancouver (Routes 7 & 74) · 2900 Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver (Routes 6 & 37) · 9230 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver (Routes 71 & 78)

A long-time favorite in the Vancouver area, The Blind Onion Pizza and Pub has been providing service for over 20 years. Whether for take-out or to enjoy a great meal in person, The Blind Onion’s got you covered. They have been awarded The Columbian’s Best of Vancouver for the past ten years. With four locations in Clark County, there is always one nearby.

Camas Slices

Location: 339 NE Cedar Street, Camas (Route 92)

For any of our New York-style pizza lovers out there, this is the spot for you. Camas Slices focuses on pizza by the slice, along with many other tasty snacks & sides to add to your meal. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Camas, this pizzeria might just be the perfect slice you’ve been looking for.

Nonavo Pizza

Location: 110 W 6th Street, Vancouver (Route 71 & The Vine)

Nonavo Pizza, located just a short walk from Esther Short Park, might be just what you need after a long day. Offering delicious personal-sized pizzas with lots of Italian flare, great drinks, and an excellent assortment of ice cream flavors, Nonavo’s holds a special place in our hearts.

The Megabite

Locations: 6920 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver (Route 71) · 10411 NE Fourth Plain Boulevard, Vancouver (Routes 7, 74, & 80)

In need of a family night out? The Megabite is the place to be. Once known as Smokey’s Pizza, The Megabite takes its pizza seriously. With excellent quality ingredients, you won’t be disappointed. And while you’re there, enjoy the awesome selection of games. There is something for everyone, from retro arcade games to foosball, gaming consoles, kiddie rides, and live sports.

Ruse Brewing Crust Collective

Location: 650 Waterfront Way, Vancouver (Route 71)

Any Detroit-style pizza fans out there? This one’s for you. Located on Vancouver’s beautiful up-and-coming waterfront, Ruse Brewing Crust Collective has just what you’re looking for. With amazing pizza and terrific drinks, it hits the spot. Ruse also has a great patio to enjoy the gorgeous Vancouver waterfront once that sunshine comes back to visit us.

Detroit Pizza

Location: 308 East Main Street, Battle Ground (Route 7)

Another Detroit-style pizza joint that made our list is… Detroit Pizza! Located in Battle Ground, this spot offers all of the usual combinations you’d expect, as well as a few unique ones—mac attack, taco pizza, and it’s a big dill all put a new spin on the classics. They even have a few unique dessert pizzas, including peanut butter, banana caramel, and apple pie crumble.

The Heavy Metal Pizza & Brewing Co

Location: 809 MacArthur Boulevard, Vancouver (Route 37)

Great pizza, great beer, and a great atmosphere—what’s not to love? You can get all that and more at Heavy Metal Pizza & Brewing Co. Located off of Mill Plain Boulevard, this pizzeria is sure to knock your socks off. Heavy Metal Pizza & Brewing also hosts several events, such as trivia and live music. Be sure to give them a try!

Mt. Tabor Brewing – The Pub

Location: 3600 NW 119th Street, Vancouver (Route 9)

Rounding out our list, we have another great stop for all your beer & pizza needs. Mt. Tabor Brewing, located in Felida, hosts an awesome selection of wood-fired pizza & other delicious goodies. Mt. Tabor also features an excellent assortment of beers and ciders, brewed right across the river. When you go to Mt. Tabor, you know you’ll be experiencing a taste of the great PNW!

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